Why we travel?


  1. Your travels
  2. Why travel?
  3. Why travel top 10
  4. Why should young people travel?
  5. Why don't Americans travel?
  6. Self-imposed Isolation
  7. Long way Round / Long Way Down review
  8. A geographer's perspective

Your travels

So far, I have travelled as far as Spain and Italy.  My main reason for going was that my mother wanted to visit her host family and see sights.  I had just turned 17 as well so this trip was kind of a birthday present in a way. 

Why travel?

Huberman explains to her friends the reason she travels is, to be exposed to new ways of seeing and doing things.  Whilst in India she learned that there were no trashcans and people simply littered everywhere and everything.  She also learned that police could beat confessions out of young boys.  She ultimately saw her reason for travel was to experience familiar things with new eyes.  In other words, to appreciate all that she takes for granted back home.

Why travel top ten

From the list of ten reasons, pick three that would be the most important to you and explain why.

1.      Be Immersed in a Second Language

This is one that I’ve always wanted to pursue because, in the past I have tried to learn languages with some success. However, there is no better way to learn a language than to immerse yourself in a country that speaks it.

2.      You Will Develop Cultural Sensitivity

I think this one is important because, I want to be more informed on different cultures.  Being able to understand the underlying reasons for cultural norms can better inform me of my own culture.

3.      You’ll Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This one is important for me because, getting out of your comfort zone is the only way for someone to grow and learn as a human being. 


Why should young people travel?

I think she makes a compelling argument, I especially like the argument for being able to learn a new language and create opportunities for networking. Which is a great idea for young people getting ready to enter the workforce.

Why don't Americans travel?

Cultural and geographical diversity, skepticism and ignorance, work culture, and cost and logistics.

Self-imposed Isolation?

Each of us lives in varying degrees of isolation from the rest of the world. This isolation is both happenstance and self-imposed. If we are born in an isolated part of the world with few opportunities to travel, we will likely lead an isolated existence. Self-imposed isolation occurs when have many opportunities to see other parts of the world but choose to spend our time and resources in one tiny area. We isolate ourselves because we are afraid or uncomfortable in other parts of the world.

Describe the lives of some people you know and how they engage in self-imposed isolation.

My Grandfather isolates himself by locking himself in his house and watching cowboys shows all day.  The only people he really sees is his family and he doesn’t want to travel.

Long way Round / Long way Down review

I hope you've enjoyed these two series. To what extent do you agree with Wallaston"s (Motorcycle Emptiness) review?

I do agree with some aspects of this review.  While I did like Long Way Round, I found Ewan and Charlie to be quite naïve and ignorant.  They simple drew a line along a map and didn’t worry about how they would get there.  The way Ewan McGregor really is a clueless actor in my eyes, the way he views other cultures.  "I had a long chat with him about what Mongolia means, and how it feels, and what a cultural and spiritual place it is."  This comment from him really makes Ewan look ignorant.  Being an actor, he only understands cultures on a surface level and cannot comment on anything specific.

A Missing Geographic Perspective

As a geographer, my criticism of the series is that the two motorcycle riders display little geographic knowledge. As actors, their geographic education is probably limited. Comment on a particular scene from either series where a knowledge of physical or human geography would have helped understand what they experienced. Draw on any other geography course you might have taken.

Simply understanding that snow melts in Siberia and floods rivers would have helped them tremendously.  As well as the fact that throughout much of Mongolia people still use horses to travel, because there are very few roads.

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